The Society was founded in 1962 to assist the public in the study of archaeology and local history.


Meetings are held every month through the winter with guest speakers covering a wide range of topics, also an annual Celebrity Lunch with a special speaker.

In the summer, site visits are arranged to excavations, interesting houses and churches.

Occasional day conferences are organised covering history and archaeology in the area.

Geophysical surveys are carried out in the local areas using the Society-owned resistivity meter, and pseudo-section equipment.

Limited excavations are mounted, normally in a rescue context.

Members carry out historical research into local topics.

Field Work and Reports

The Society has carried out excavations at Beadlow Priory, Ruxox Roman Villa, the Manor Way area of Flitwick, Ampthill By-Pass and other sites in the district. The artefacts discovered have been deposited in Bedford Museum. Comprehensive geophysical surveys have been carried out on the castle site in Ampthill Park. Reports of archaeological work are published in Bedfordshire Archaeology (formerly Bedfordshire Archaeological Journal) and on this website.


The Society has published a number of books including
Flitwick: A Short History. (1973)
Ridgmont: An Edwardian Cameo.(1991). Available from the Society
Flitwick: A Vanishing Village(1992)
In 2001 a publication about the 126th Coy Canadian Forestry Corps in WW1 was faithfully reproduced. Available from the Society.


The Society is a member of the Council for British Archaeology, Council for Independent Archaeology, the British Association for Local History and is a founder member of the Bedfordshire Local History Association.